2019 winners

All the winners from the 2019 Print, Design & Marketing Awards.

Supreme award

Sponsored by Whitmar Publications

Ted Baker Annual Report 2018/2019 by Empress Litho

Whitmar Publications managing director, Lindsey Pearson (centre left) presents the supreme award to David May, managing director, Empress Litho (left)and business development manager, Jasmine Darby (centre right).

The judges said: Sometimes simplicity and great design come together to create a compelling product and it shows that you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles to create beautiful print. The overall winner combined sophisticated finishing and simple touches to pull off a product that reflected the brand it represented.

Best printed marketing collateral

Sponsored by Kodak

Pursuit of Perfection by Geoff Neal Group

Kodak digital sales manager UK Paul Stamper (left) presents the award to Geoff Neal Group business development manager, Paul West

The judges said: An exemplary piece that oozes perfection across messaging and design with a very credible ROI.

Also nominated: 

  • Creative Portfolio by BCQ Group
  • John Collett Mailer by Excel Colour Print
  • Wedding Sample Pack by Northside Graphics
  • Embrace the sensational Gift Set by J Point Plus

Best marketing campaign

Sponsored by Kodak

Sales Pack by MetroMail

Kodak  digital sales manager UK, Paul Stamper presents the award to Lyndsay Close, marketing executive at MetroMail.

The judges said:  A highly creative marketing campaign with eye grabbing artwork and design. A fantastic way to promote a print and direct mail business with an impressive ROI.

Also nominated:

  • #Dunkability by Resource
  • Have a slice of Creativity On Us by Print4UK
  • Inspiring Communications by Impress Print Services
  • Healeys Christmas Marketing Campaign 2018 by Healeys Print Group

Best multi-channel campaign

Sponsored by Ricoh

Gladder by Resource

Ricoh director commerical print CIP group, Tim Carter (Right) presents the award to Resource, sales and marketing director, Asif Choudry.

The judges said: A multi-channel campaign that excels in high quality design, all aspects of print and online channels. A fine example to shout about when integrated channels including print perform so well.

Also nominated:

  • Oracle HCM Brochure by Printroom Group
  • A Level Results Day Lanyard by Creative and Print Services Loughborough University
  • Verizon Orchestration Network Services Awareness by Vue TV and Advent Plastics

Books and booklets

Sponsored by Mondi

Hockney, Portrait of an Artist by Geoff Neal Group

Mondi customer project development manager UK, Isabel Bernd presents the award to business development manager, Geoff Neal Group, Paul West.

The judges said: Outstanding quality of production and finishing, vibrant colour reproduction and print quality.

Also nominated:

  • Evabourne Brochure by A3 Design & Print
  • Argo Group 2019 Gold Cup by Douglas.
  • Portrait Positive by Boss Print
  • Dorset House by Park Communications

Creative use of substrates

Sponsored by Premier Paper Group

Pacha Lio Material by Screaming Colour

Premier Paper Group sales director, digital media, John Vic (right) presents the award to Iain Moring, managing director, Screaming Colour.

The judges said: Elegant, impactful and beautifully tactile, let’s raise a glass to a fine collection of examples of creative substrates at its best.

Also nominated:

  • Formula E Season Five by Douglas.
  • Arora Ball Event Materials by Ruddocks
  • Cannes Film Festival 2018 by Empress Litho

Direct mail

Unicef Mothers Day Gift Campaign by ProCo

Whitmar Publications assistant editor, Charlie Kortens (right) presents the award to managing director, ProCo, Giles Bowes.

The judges said: A first class direct mail campaign must be creative, innovative, engaging and ultimately deliver superb ROI. This piece delivers on all these fronts and more. An outstanding piece of work that was a clear winner.

Also nominated:

  • DMA Judge’s Box by Geoff Neal Group
  • Myth Buster Mailer by Fox Marketing Services
  • Vodat Slider by Impress Print Services
  • Quill Luxury Direct Marketing by Eazyprint.co.uk


Sponsored by Duplo International

Spellbound by Hobs Reprographics

Duplo International warehouse and distribution manager, Chris Stead, (right) presents the award to Hobs Reprographics, head of digital,  Paul McCormack.

The judges said: An awesome demonstration and reference for what’s possible in print and finishing, amazing quality finishing and variety, a work of reference for the future.

Also nominated:

  • WE: Deutschland by Boss Print
  • Evabourne Brochure by A3 Design & Print
  • Ted Baker Annual Report 2018/2019 by Empress Litho
  • Bible Restoration by Rapidity

Graphic design

Sponsored by Flyeralarm

Twenty Years - Williams Murray Hamm by Park Communications

Flyeralarm director international business, Lars Bo Haber Petersen presents the award to Alison Branch, managing director, Park Communications.

The judges said: Great graphic design should jump out at you and grab you with both hands. This entry has dynamic and engaging content throughout. The winner clearly demonstrates this through, innovation and planning on delivering a stunning product that was hard to put down.

Also nominated:

  • Landscapes forgotten by Rapidity
  • Survival Sagas Series by Bonacia and mailadoc
  • Fontsmith by CPI Colour
  • Copper Frog Label by label.co.uk

Green company of the year

Sponsored by Premier Paper Group

St Austell Printing Company

Premier Paper Group account manager Karen Canavan presents the award to St Austell Printing Company marketing and communications manager, Matt Bunt.

The judges said: Clear evidence of a strong focus and priority on reducing environmental impact and we were impressed with the engagement of the local community and on being a sustainable and responsible business, supporting great staff.

Also nominated:

  • Park Communications
  • Impress Print Services
  • Leach

Hardback books, including photobooks

Bentley Centenary Handover Book by Hampton Printing (Bristol)

BPIF chief executive Charles Jarrold (left) presents the award to Mike Malpas, managing director, Hampton Printing (Bristol) (centre), Ann-Marie Slater, marketing manager-mulliner, Bentley Motors and Brad Mace, marketing communications project manager, Bentley Motors .

The judges said: The winning book reflected the ultimate in style and elegance that fits this iconic brand. The quality was sublime with the most amazing attention to detail. A worthy winner.

Also nominated: 

  • Tina Turner by Rapidity
  • North of North West by Boss Print
  • McLaren Senna by CPI Colour
  • An Urban Front Door Brochure by Latimer Trend and Company

Innovation in labels

Sponsored by OKI

The Future 10th Anniversary Whisky Show Bottlings by Elixir Distillers and Tribal 3D

OKI product marketing manager Europe Felicity Knee  presents the award to Elixir Distillers, creative director, Raj Chavda (left) and business manager Oliver Chilton.

The judges said: Real clear innovation applied and technical difficulties to overcome. Created a label with real impact.

Also nominated:

  • Northern Monk Brew Company, Insa, Peel and Reveal by CS Labels
  • Project D by Berkshire Labels
  • Portobello Road Navy Gin by The Label Makers
  • Pupa 440ml Can Label by Harkwell Labels

Magazines and catalogues

Sponsored by Heidelberg Graphic Equipment

RCI Europe Directory by ProCo

Heidelberg Graphic Equipment digital equipment manager Chris Matthews presents the award to ProCo, managing director, Giles Bowes.

The judges said: Great choice of technology to produce a dynamic product, manage fulfilment and stock levels and produce a bespoke, tailored project management interface product.

Also nominated:

  • Complete Care by First Move Direct Marketing
  • Cereal V17 by Hampton Printing (Bristol)
  • Jigsaw Style & Truth Magazine Issue Eight by CPI Colour
  • Chaos 69 Magazine by Nirvana CPH

Report and accounts

Sponsored by EFI

Ted Baker Annual Report 2018/2019 by Empress Litho

EFI sales manager John Morely (centre)  presents the award to Empress Litho, managing director, David May (left) and business development manager, Jasmine Darby.

The judges said: Beautiful end result with simple design combined with spectacular finishing.

Also nominated: 

  • CAPCO Annual Report 2018 by Park Communications
  • The State of the Financial Services Industry 2019 by Douglas.
  • Green Economy Report by Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing
  • St Mowden Annual Report by CPI Colour

Special effects

Sponsored by Vivid Laminating Technologies

Quill Luxury Direct Marketing by Eazyprint.co.uk

Vivid Laminating Technologies product manager, Lewis Evans (left) presents the award to Eazyprint.co.uk, director, Daniel Pretot.

The judges said: A luxurious tactile and engaging product that matches the brand and brands they promote.

Also nominated:

  • Spellbound by Hobs Reprographics
  • Arora Ball Event Materials by Ruddocks
  • O’Yes by Boss Print
  • Pupa 440ml Can Label by Harkwell Labels

Wide and super-wide format

Sponsored by EFI

Jeep Wrangler Product Immersion Event by Resource

EFI partner alliance director Terry Garvey (right) presents the award to Resource, sales and marketing director, Asif Choudry.

The judges said: Exceptional feedback from the client to create and deliver an engaging event.

Also nominated:

  • Christie’s The Collector by Park Communications
  • Soap & Glory Event by Rapidity
  • Troxy Charity Boxing Event by Impress Print Services